Mayrhofen, Austria 2015 Mayrhofen, Austria 2015 Mayrhofen Centre 199576561 Mayrhofen Centre 199576562 Hotel Waldheim 199576563 Hotel Waldheim 199576564 Hotel Waldheim Lounge 199576565 Hotel Waldheim Dining Area 199576566 Hotel Waldheim Harpist on gala evening 199576567 Gondala ride for Penken walk 199576584 View over Mayrhofen 199576568 Then on to the chair lift 199576569 On the chair lift 199576570 199602224 At the PenkenAlm 199576571 Lake by the PenkenAlm 199576572 Leaving the PenkenAlm for the Wangl Spitze 199576573 Wangl Alm and Spitze in the distance 199576574 Lake by the Penken restaurant 199576575 View across the lake 199576576 Hut for a coffee stop 199576577 Which way do we go now? 199576578 Barn en route to the Wangl Spitze 199576579 View back down our route 199576580 Locals relaxing near the Wangl Alm 199576581 Time to admire the view... 199576582 ...and the happy walkers. 199602225 View from the Wangl Spitze 199576583 View on the descent 199576585 A cloudier start up to the Kassler Hut 199576886 A well marked route 199576887 Red Cap Toadstools 199576888 Kasseler Hut up ahead 199576889 Finally at a damp and wind-swept hut 199576890 View down the valley 199576891 David at the hut 199576892 Now for the descent 199576893 And the sun finally comes out 199576894 Cable car for walk up to the Edel hut 199576895 View from the cable car on the way up 199576896 Taking in the view 199576897 AhornSee near the start of the walk 199576898 Start of the walk 199576899 Edel hut up ahead 199576900 Not far to go now 199576901 View back down the path 199576902 Sandra and Vince at the Edel hut 199576903 Vince at the Edel hut 199576904 Great views on the descent 199576905 On the way down to Mayrhofen 199576906 Near the start of the walk in the Gerloss valley 199577024 Up and Up 199577025 Some locals taking a rest 199577026 Col up ahead into the next valley 199577027 Green mountain grasshoppers 199577028 Along the ridge before our descent 199577029 High alpine view 199577030 Panoramic view of our lunch spot 199608395 Down to our next hut 199577031 The KolmHaus below 199577032 At the KolmHaus 199577033 View from the terrace 199577034 Thirst soon quenched and ready to go again 199577035 Our destination Brandberg in sight below 199577036 Nearly there 199577037 Old water mill 199577038 Vince ready for the music evening 199577039 The local brass band 199577075 Brass band 199577076 Arriving at the Schlegeis Stausee for the start of our walk up to the Italian border 199577077 View of Schlegeis Stausee with the dam in the distance 199577078 Our NHRG group ready to go 199577079 Our NHRG group and others on the holiday 199577080 Waterfall 199577081 The LavitzAlm up ahead 199577082 Nearly at the LavitzAlm 199577083 View back down our path 199577084 Path to the LavitzAlm being upgraded 199577085 At the LavitzAlm 199602227 At the LavitzAlm 199602226 Which entrance is this?! 199577086 Heading up to the border looking back down to the LavitzAlm 199577087 Falls from the melting snow and ice 199577088 At the Pfitscher Joch on the Italian border and view of the hut 199577089 View from the Pfitscher Joch into Italy 199577090 View into Italy 199577091 The Pfitscher Joch hut 199577092 Bowling Evening 199577183 Bowling Evening 199577185 Bowling Evening 199577186 And what they were trying to hit! 199577184 Passing AchenSee on our way back to the airport 199577280 Passing AchenSee on our way back to the airport 199577281 HF Hotel at Tegernsee in Germany A brief stop en-route to drop off/collect other HF holiday -makers 199577225 HF Hotel at Tegernsee in Germany 199577223 View out to TegernSee 199577224